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I've lived in Greenwich Village for over half of my life after growing up on a ranch in Central Texas. I arrived here approximately...

Thomas Hoover on his NY City roof . . .

...thirty or forty years after all the artists and writers who made the Village famous back in the day had died or left but I didn't get the memo. The sidewalk cafes were peopled not by writers but by tourists from Europe and Japan. So...

. . . and sailing Long Island Sound

...I labored on in solitude and produced a few works (well, okay, ten). There have been foreign translations and I hope I've managed to bring a little joy somewhere on the planet.


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Publisher's Weekly declared, "This is one of the few historical surveys of Zen available. Hoover reveals a culture of extraordinary richness and variety."

Library Journal called it, "The best history of Zen ever written." Illumines Zen as it was created and shaped by the personalities, perceptions, and actions of its masters over the centuries.

Reviewers called THE MOGHUL "the finest book on India since Kipling" , another "SHOGUN or THE FAR PAVILLIONS," "rousing, romantic adventure" "high action" "a vividly told tale" "captivates the reader" with "mysteries of the harem to battles of massed elephants." Optioned twice for a Miniseries. (To date, five pirate English-language paper editions have appeared worldwide.)

Publisher's Weekly said, "This action-crammed, historically factual novel . . . is a rousing read about the bad old marauding days, ably researched by Hoover." In the epic tradition of James Clavell and James A. Mitchner: the Europeans who created human slavery in the Americas, the origins of the Buccaneers, the first American revolution.