CO2 and Global Warming and the Ocean

December 14, 2015


This is some of the earliest work to determine the mechanism(s) controlling the CO2 exchange rate through the ocean's surface. This study was carried out long before anybody worried about global warming. The main use of this research at that time was to explain how CO2 got into and out of the lungs. Now it pointedly pertains to the global problem of CO2 build-up in the atmosphere. How much and how fast can the ocean absorb it?

This is NOT a novel.


The download article at left is in the form of a PDF. Before this article was published, there was much speculation about how carbon dioxide (a gas that can react with water) could be absorbed by the ocean.

This article explained how it works. It received worldwide notice and has been cited over a hundred times in the scientific literature, referred to as the Hoover Mechanism.

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